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What am I doing, does it matter in the 21st Century?

October 26, 2011

Organised the second author talk for Central Library last night. Gary Younge discussing issues he raises in his book “Who Are We and Does It Matter in the 21st Century?”. It went well. Some people took issue with some of the points he raised. Others went away with a lot to think about.

Considering all the other events happening in Bristol that night we had a very good attendance. The audience were engaged and had no hesitation in asking questions.

With an improved PA system – using clip mics, a bit more thought around refreshments for the audience, regular talks there can work. Well worth discussing with the library.

Autumn 2011 a defining phase

October 22, 2011

Rehearsals for Seasoned have gone well. Andrew, Shvorn, Joe and Lorna have been great. Andy has created a great environment for the work to be developed in. The warehouse is just about warm enough, I am sure they can survive.

Word of Mouth is going great. The first two events at Bristol Old Vic sold out and at the Thunderbolt there is a fantastic vibe that everyone loves. Funding has run out, it needs sponsorship and funding to continue, I am confident we will have the funds to continue.

Tuesday sees Gary Younge at Central Library, after the success of the Courttia Newland reading this one has to go well. Everyone is talking about it and keen to go, but there are a lot of other events launching that evening.

The long term future is looking good, just got to tighten my belt for the next 3 months or so.

Central Library Author Talks

September 5, 2011

Planning meeting today. Things look good. The flyer design is clean and crisp, just need to confirm the text.

Both events are going to be at Central Library which is much better, people should meet authors in libraries. Libraries should be a place to talk and discuss books, the ideas behind books and the creation  of books.

As the eBook age approaches, we need to make sure that eBooks contain the essence of printed books. Books are more than text. Meeting authors meeting audiences help make the connection that books are more than text.

Before I go on holiday

August 5, 2011

Thought I would reflect on what’s been happening at City Chameleon before going on holiday.

First, best wishes go out to the poetic twiglet that is Byron Vincent recover well my son.

City Chameleon has been doing O.K. over the last few months and I have been talking to a wide range of people about projects.

Autumn this year look out for:

Word of Mouth at Bristol Old Vic will see Dizraeli, Molly Naylor and Luke Kennard entertaining crowds in Bristol. At The Thunderbolt we will be opening our doors to let some of Bristol’s other poetry promoters showcase some of the artists they have been working with.

I have also been organising Writers’ talk for Bristol Central Library – 4 October sees Courttia Newland (below left) reading from his new collection of short stories “a book of blues” and in conversation with Dr. Edson Burton. 25 October will see Gary Younge (below right), Guardian journalist and author, talking about the issues in his latest book “Who Are We: and does it matter in the 21st century”. Check City Chameleon website for booking details.

In November I’m dead excited about “Seasoned” performing at The Tobacco Factory in the Brewery.

courttiaGary Younge









I have also been talking to a number of writers about projects for spring next year, more on those in the near future, just to say they range from biographies to poetry anthologies.

Gorilla’s in our midst

July 10, 2011

gorillaWith Steph and Reba of to Priddy, Ben and I had to fill our day in Bristol. After drama we went gorilla hunting. We got a map and went hunting. It took us to places in Bristol I had not been to with Ben before. We went into the Mariott Hotel took a picture of the gorilla and looked around, never would have gone there if not for the gorilla. The hardest one to find was at Temple Square. It was no where near the spot on the map. We started at 2.30 and got home at 8.00. We have just over half the gorillas photographed and are hunting for more.

Opportunities to promote live literature in Bristol

July 1, 2011

Meeting at Bristol Central Library today. The date for the Courttia Newland event may have to change. I have to email him to see if it is possible. If he wants to go ahead on that date it’s fine, just Munwar won’t be there.

They also want me to organise another event in October as well. It should be possible, I just don’t want it to take up more than 1.5 days as I have other projects to deliver.

I’m pleased word is getting out that I am willing to organise events and design books and magazines for others and not just doing my own projects. Part of the idea behind City Chameleon was to create access to print and provide literature services for groups and organisations.

For the second library event I have more say in the writer. Courttia is a great choice for a first writer and has set the bar. It will be tough to maintain that level, but, I am sure I can do it.

Working for the future

June 27, 2011

A lot of work has to go into Seasoned to get it ready for November. The organisation of it has now the actuality of it has to be done. The image looks amazing. Will have to possibly design the font but it will all be together.

Got a small commission for Central Library organising a reading by Courttia Newland in September. This has come about because of Word of Mouth and the other events I’m organising people want to work with me to promote their events.

I will have to factor this into the overall business plan. How I can provide a full event organisation and promotion management.

There are lots of side services I can provide, so long as they do not affect the core service provision.